My two week vegan challenge

I have a lovely Canadian friend who used to work with me in Dubai.  She is always so positive about life and frequently posts on facebook about her vegan lifestyle – she is fairly new to this, about 6 weeks in.  I often read her posts, pictures, thoughts for the day et cetera and just bypass them to be honest.

Until last week.  I decided to try being vegan for two weeks.  Well, as far as food goes.  My friend tells me that her veganism is a revelation of who she is – a non-violent lover of animals and nature.  Veganism is as much about human rights  as it is about animal rights.  It has a profound spiritual significance for her.

As selfish as it sounds, I am trying veganism to continue with my weight loss and to try to be healthier.  I will be documenting how I feel, what I eat and what happens both internally and externally with me.

I have to honestly say that I am not all about the fluff and the love of these little creatures.  But after having watched several docudramas about the meat industry, it just made me think a little bit more.

Have I been conditioned by society to think this way?  Of course I have.  Will my two weeks sensitize me again to the value of animal life?  We will see.

I spent 7 months working the Dukan diet and shed around 80lbs.  That diet was purely protein and vegetables.  No fruits, grains, legumes or root vegetables (apart from the odd carrot).  I was ecstatic with the weight loss, but did feel sluggish a lot and my stomach burnt a little bit.

Now I will take in no animal protein at all but will use nuts and seeds for my protein consumption – which are very high in calories.  I will need to be careful and weigh my food appropriately.  My darling husband (who really enjoys his meat and all things dairy) will be joining me.  My little daughter (who rarely eats meat as it is) will still have her milk and yogurt.

My letdown is chocolate.  I love it.  But I have been exploring some recipes…

Let the challenge commence!


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