Post 5 km Parties!

We did it!  My beautiful friend Kathy and I completed our first run!  5 km completed in a fairly decent time, without stopping the run and without coming last!  Ok, so it was nothing compared to the Ethiopian lady who completed it in some 16 minutes or so but we did it!  *insert happy success dance here*

Both on a high after the event, we drove home and got ready to have breakfast at More Cafe – one of my most favourite places to dine.  Kathy was off to the art bus that afternoon and I decided to hang out with my beautiful daughter at the mall for a bit.  Then the endorphines wore off…it turns out that getting nervous, running 5k while you really need to pee and getting a running ‘high’ is actually pretty tiring!

So I spent the afternoon at home, watching Christmas movies (my most favourite past time during these winter months!) and in the evening, I ordered a Naked Pizza.  I ate about 2 small slices and felt full.  Very full.  It was very delicious but oh boy, did I pay for it the next day!  I felt like I had a hangover and during my yoga class I felt bloody awful.  And the next day.  And today.  Well, a bit.  I’m not sleeping too well these days because my husbands shift pattern has changed and we are both sleeping at the same time now.  After 2 years of sleeping alone, its kind of difficult to get back into it!

But I digress…more running!  I am raring to go for a run this afternoon with my partner in crime.  Yee haw!  After this week, we start Suzi’s interval 5 10 k training programme (  I am very excited (and a little scared, I have to admit!) about this new phase.  Kathy and I are doing another run also, on the 23rd of November – the Nike Night run…I think it is the same path as the last one but at night.  It should be good!  I think trying to get in more runs like this before our marathon section in January is a good thing.

Yesterday my husband bought me some clothes.  For the first time.  Ever.  He bought be a pair of size 16 (UK) trousers from Zara and a shirt.  Very nice.  The trousers are tight squeeze but I can shut them!  Which amazes me! So I imagine after a few more pounds they will fit perfectly.  Its such an incentive for me!

So, onwards and upwards as of now…my times aren’t particularly fast nor is my running particularly good.  But its good for me.  And I am getting better,  There is no stopping me now.  And I don’t want to stop!

Until next time x


5 K preparation and a bit of stagnation…

3 more days until my first run.  The last time I did anything like this was when I was 16 and did a fun run of 3 km in my local town of Crosby, Liverpool.  I can hardly say that I have been training hard for this one, but I am getting there.

Things have been quite stagnant at the moment – I think it is because the winter season is on its way and I always associate that with crock pot food, hanging out with friends, thanksgiving, Christmas, and many other delights.

My weight hasn’t shifted much but my measurements are decreasing – which is a good thing.  I bought some clothes that are slightly too small.  Usually I don’t do that as it is generally associated with negativity.  But, as usual, I am flipping it on it’s head and I want to make it a positive.  I have one more dress size to get down to on my top half and two more on my bottom half.

My mum came out last week for a few days – it was, as always, wonderful to have her with us.  Especially during this time in Dubai – the weather is just perfect.  We took my little daughter to the beach early on in the morning and it was breathtakingly beautiful.  When you get into a routine, sometimes it is difficult to remember the beauty that surrounds you.  Usually I am not particularly enamoured with Dubai, but this season makes that change.

So, what after this 5 k?  Well, it will be a 10 k!  My beautiful friend Kathy is training with me to run this.  I think that we have decided that the 5 k is just something to get under our belt and into the habit of doing some running.  I am not, by any means, Usain Bolt, nor do I ever aspire to be (he is a sprinter, after all!) but I am improving.  I find it easier now, for example, to run without music.  In the beginning I thought I would die without it – music then, was a distraction.  Music now is a reminder – on average, it takes about 3 minutes for a song to play – and when you are conscious of that, you are conscious of how slow, or how long your run is!  So music, at the moment, is a no no.

The 10 k (which is part of the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon) is being held on January 25th at 7:15 am.  That gives us about 11 weeks to work on it.  Susie’s running programme on in training for a 10 km run is 6 weeks long.  So, after our run on Friday (the 5 k) we will build up our time and distance for 2/3 weeks; then do Susie’s 6 week programme and finish off with 2 weeks before the actual event to work on distance etc.

I am quite excited about getting going on this.  I am excited to have a new plan to work from, to print it off, laminate it, and every time I complete something, to give myself a big, fat star!  I did that for the C25K programme and it was so motivational.

I am so blessed to have some really close friends out here – my lovely Raheela, Maria, Elena, Kathy, Kelly, Yvonne…but to name a few!  And I am so lucky to have lovely friends and family around the globe, who I miss so much – Jami, Kristin, Vicki, Debbie.  I so wish that they would hurry up and invent a transporter like on Star Trek so I could visit them in an instant (although 8 hours away on a flight is actually pretty good!).

I am feeling so happy and balanced.  I have never felt healthier.  Alhamdoolillah, I haven’t been sick in the longest time and I feel so blessed with my family and friends.