Phase 2 and Measurements

So…I have started phase 2 of my training programme, which is great.  Challenging, to say the least, but in a good way.  I am back on the treadmill and am using Susie’s blog for podcasts.  She has some amazing tracks and I just love running to her old school music.  She has such a sweet voice that tells you when to walk and run.

The programme currently starts with a 5 minute walk as a warm up, followed by four sets of 10 minute runs followed by a two minute walk.  I have to say that the first time I tried, I near keeled over.  I quickly learnt that there is a trick to running distance, and that is to do it at a slow pace…at least, when you start out anyway.

I have run outside several times on the track by where we live, but it is still a little bit too hot to do it straight after school.  I would like start again in the morning but my husband doesn’t always get back on time for me to go so he can watch our daughter.  So, luckily, my school where I work has a little fitness suite which has a treadmill, some bikes, rowers and ellipticals.  The plus side?  I am usually alone so I can sing my little heart out along with Susie’s mix.  The downside?  Everything faces a white wall.  Which is exceptionally boring.  Still, it gives me time to focus on the psychology and patience of running.  I have 27lbs to go now.  Which is fab.  But, the last leg is always the hardest.  The weight is not shifting as quickly as it was in the beginning.  Which is a good, safe thing, but nonetheless frustrating.

I measured myself today which I haven’t done in a good while.  I am pleased with the results.  I will show the measurements in cm from my start date until now:

Body Part            Start (24/4/12)         Now (11/10/12)            Difference

Waist                     116.84 cm                 86 cm                            30.84 cm

Hips                      137.16  cm                111 cm                           26.16 cm

Thigh                        78.74 cm                59  cm                            19.74 cm

Chest                      114.3 cm                101.6 cm                           12.7 cm

Arm                           43.1 cm                  35.56 cm                          7.54 cm

So, I am feeling like a happy bunny.