A yodel about Yoga…

I had tried yoga several times over the past few years, but never really got into it until the year before last. Then I fell pregnant and was advised not to do any exercise (very different viewpoints here in the in Middle East). At the end of last year, I joined my beautiful friend and ex colleague who now runs her own yoga classes in her studio in her villa; in the teacher accommodation and on the beach…she is just about to start a full moon session on the beach too. Am very excited to try it. Check out her website on www.fieldsofyoga.com

Speaking of full moons…my mood changes. A LOT during the full moon. If ever I have a stonking argument with my husband, once it is resolved, I have now gotten into the habit of checking the calendar and about 95% of the time, it is a full moon. Not that this knowledge helps at all…I don’t have the insight to check the calendar before the kick-offs occur, they just happen. I become moody, irritable, unbalanced, emotional, bitchy and quite a cow, if the truth is told…anyone else have this experience?

I digress…so yoga. Quite frankly, its the bomb. Yes, my attempt at ghetto-isms. My pal teaches plus-sized yoga…specifically designed for the plus sized yogi. It’s fabulous. She links it with hatha yoga so it is quite wonderful. It helps combat so much.

It’s not only my size and shape that I have been attempting to develop and change, but my internal, spiritual structure too. I was spiritually sick for the longest time and I just didn’t have the tools to cope with life. In an attempt to become less spiritually sick, I joined an anonymous programme. At the time, it was the answer to my prayers. This programme helped me to see and become accountable for my faults and, with the people around me, the life force, God, Allah, whatever you choose, I began to heal.

Eventually due to the birth of my daughter, I moved away from the programme and recently discovered exercise and yoga. Yoga has helped me so much. My balance, flexibility and energies have turned 180 degrees. I haven’t forgotten the lessons that the programme taught me at all, I have merely enhanced them with yoga. Which has led me to meditation and finding an inner strength I never knew I had. I was always fully aware that I come from a family of strong, independent women. Even the men in our family choose strong women. I didn’t realise how strong I was until I worked on my yoga. It helped me to discover physical, emotional and spiritual wellness and strength.

My balance is very good now. But not always. My pal tells me that as your weight changes so does your balance points. That is oh so true! Certain poses are excellent. Others, I am not too hot at – especially the balancing poses. I am hoping that when I get to my goal weight, my balance will become more stable.

My pal encourages us not to beat ourselves up if something is not available to us in the practice. Some poses are much easier than others on certain days.

I read that yoga is good for runners: it teachers patience and mental strength along with flexibility and physical strengths too. I believe it. I truly do. I really believe that they work hand in hand. I can’t name all the poses and sometimes I can’t even do them. But yoga helps and is a cure for everything physical and mental.  I think that it should be compulsory for everyone to do it.  You know when you see films of communist China all doing exercise together?  They’ve got it right.  I do bits of yoga as part of my warm up in my drama classes. The students love it. I focus a lot on releasing tension and stress; time management and emotional management. I could talk about my classes forever – they are just splendid this year and I am so excited about the quality of work that my students are producing.

Hence the yodelling about yoga…it rocks. If you don’t do it, do it, or at least try it. It’s cheap, peaceful, invigorating, energizing and available for all.

Namaste, y’all.



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