Flight food and the beginning of an English Summer…

Now I’m back in the UK, hoping to spend a good month or so here before heading back to the desert.

I was quite fearful of the change, after having set myself up in Dubai…getting onto Dukan, training well and having a nice routine with my husband and daughter.

The flight was good. My husband managed to wangle 2 seats together as the baby is too big for a bassinet now. She was an absolute angel throughout. Really. Thank God!

Foodwise? I was quite naughty…I could have been worse but I wasn’t. I really didn’t want to fuss with the flight food during the 8 hour flight and a small baby in tow. Its funny that even though I knew I was being naughty, it was still controlled. My battle against emotional eating is still a fight but it is far easier than it once was.

We were picked up by my auntie and stayed the night over at hers. The next morning, I used her treadmill which was quite an experience…especially in the cold. It took me a good while to warm up and get used to a different treadmill…hers is quite narrow and has no front panel…I near fell off twice! After my shuffle, I moved to their conservatory and did a session with Ms Jillian. I am really loving her workouts.

Mum picked us up the next day and we headed back to the barge. It has such a beautiful surroundings. Its taking the baby a while to settle in but she’s doing ok. The following morning I took her for a 5km brisk walk through the countryside. It was so wonderful being in the fresh air.
We went shopping to buy scales and lots of protein. I am determined to continue with my plan. I have since lost another kilo in the past few days but I have a feeling that my naughty flight will catch up with me.

This morning, I woke up even before the baby (and she was asleep by 6pm!) and went for a run…granted it wasn’t long as I am still finding my way around and getting used to running on normal land, but oh my, what a treat it was! I ended up running on a bridle path down the side of the canal. It was beautiful. Plus, the mp3 player really helped. I bought some running music on cd before I left…really, it makes it so much easier. I came back, fed the baby and then had another date with Ms Jillian. Granted I couldn’t do the jumping jacks on the boat with such a low roof and wooden floor, so I just did the arm movements in double time to increase my heart rate.

In future, I plan to take the laptop outside and do the workout on the grass. I’m sure the fellow boaters could all do with a giggle!

Until next time!


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