Music and Mind over matter…

It seriously is just that.  Mind over matter.  I’m not pretending to be an expert by any means BUT, I have discovered that I do run better to music and to certain songs, which help kick in the endorphins.  I complied a running list on my Blackberry.  I will be investing in a mind mp3 player because when I run outside, I find holding my phone quite distracting.

My good friend Dave, who is a coach too and was a biology teacher (and a bloody good one) reminds me of a mantra: “Patience, patience, patience…”  In fact, when I am struggling, I imagine him and his kind face and moustache encouraging me to be just that.  It’s the getting up to the gym that is the issue…and then the first ten minutes of running.  Then it becomes easier, well, more bearable!

I have quite an eclectic taste in music – my ‘running’ list consists of everything from variations of songs from ‘Glee’ to David Bowie to Led Zeppelin.  Some pieces put me on an absolute high, whereas others slow me down – this does depend on the mood and the time of day that I am running.

Psychologically speaking, I am not quite there yet.  I am training myself to run for longer periods but it is bloody hard.  And all in the mind!  Really in the great scheme of things, I am not pummeling my body too much because my recovery time is quite fast.  I feel that I have run the next day but I am not dying.  So, I think that running is really 80% mind and 20% body.

The thought of running without music terrifies me.  I think that if the music isn’t there, then I won’t be able to trick my body into running a bit faster or a bit longer.  I think it is worse on the treadmill.  Outside, there are things to look at.  I have to say that I am so excited about staying with my Mum and being able to run outside.  There are some terrific woods, walks and paths near where she is which I intend to take full advantage of.  I will be taking my yoga mat and blocks, tennis rackets and balls and Ms Jillian with me so that if for some reason I cannot get out, at least I will be able to do something inside.

It has taken me some 15+ years to really enjoy exercise.  After having been bullied at school and at home to participate, my views on exercise were skewed.  The thought of it sickened me.  Truly.  I was embarrassed to do anything in front of anyone because I thought I wasn’t good…or good enough.

How things can change.  This is MY year, this is MY time…without force, or bullying or dispute.  I am free to live my life and to make it better.  I exercise now to be a good example to my daughter.  Sometimes she sits in her pushchair and watches me on the treadmill.  How patient she is.  When I am told that when she is taken to the gym for a little run around upstairs with her nanny and she tries to climb on the treadmill, I feel proud.  When she sits and watches me, full of patience and curiosity and kicks her little legs in the chair, trying to mimic my running, I know that I am doing a good job.  When she joins my yoga class and climbs all over everyone, much to their amusement, I know that she is seeing and experiencing something good.

My project at the moment is me – but what an effect it will have on her!


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