So,  I have been trundling along with my exercise routines and am feeling faster and stronger with my running, which is great.  It is still mainly treadmill based as it is far too hot to be running outside at the moment!

I am really excited about returning to the UK for a few weeks to spend some time with the family, to go to my graduation for my masters (yay!) and to spend some time training outside, even if it is wet and windy!

I notice that my appetite has suppressed a lot which is fabulous and my tastes are changing.  This Dukan diet is working for me at the moment and I feel that I respond much better to high protein and low carbs – but everyone is of course different.

I am quite tired though – I think it is ‘endofyearitus’ as opposed to anything that I am doing with my diet and exercise.  I take multi-vitamins daily for good measure and omega 3 oils – since having the baby, I noticed that I became quite forgetful!  Those of you who know me will know that this indeed is very strange – my memory is usually excellent!

A few days ago a friend told me about a boot camp that has recently been set up in Dubai.  We are going to the free beginner class on Friday.  Here’s hoping I don’t die…lol.  Another friend told me that if I decide to go into the course when I get back from England, I should be prepared to throw up.  A LOT.

Let’s see how the free class goes first, shall we??

Still playing tennis with the husband, although it is quite difficult for him as he is back on the night shift now, which absolutely blows.  I am really praying that he is put back onto days.  Even though he started really early in the morning, we had a lot of time together in the afternoon.

Anyway, I have a day off today from exercise, well, a day off from running.  I am running on non consecutive days at the moment but when I lose more weight I will up the ante with the running.  I am very excited about the summer as I will be able to do more things during the day, even with the baby daughter in tow!  Think I will do some gymball tonight – although my 30 Day Shred, Gillian Michaels DVD has finally arrived from Amazon…it was caught up in Saudi Customs for over a month!  I quite like her, so we will see how our relationship progresses after a session today! lol.

Will keep you all posted.  Mwah xx


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