No exercise today.

I have been exercising like a demon recently and today I have decided to take the day off.  I was meant to go and play tennis with my husband today but he has been awake all day (he works nights so usually sleeps during the day) and finally managed to get to sleep just as I got home from work.

I felt very guilty about not doing my bit but I am so physically tired…my body needs a rest.  I am quite excited about crawling into bed in an hour or so…but after Casualty and Dharma and Greg.

I am wishing for the weight to come off quicker, especially since we have a break to the Maldives in October.  I need to look fine on the beach!  I am looking forward to the end of school so that I am able to double up on the exercise front and hopefully shift a good lot of weight during the summer.

I looked at myself in the mirror today.  I am doing ok, but my arms – ugghhh!!  The hardest place to lose weight.  And I know that the only way to lose them is with fat burning exercises.  So I will continue with my lovely running.  But not tonight.  I am yawning my head off just typing this!  A demain! xx


One thought on “No exercise today.

  1. Don’t you feel bad about those arms. No matter what I do, I struggle with my arms as well girl! Keep up the wonderful progress.

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