My measurements so far.

Ok, I first measured myself on the 24th of May 2012.  I measured myself again this morning and here is my progress so far!  I am feeling very happy with this progress.  Still way more to go but I am going in the right direction!

Body Part Start date – 24/4/12 Most recent measure – 20/6/12 Difference
Waist 46 “ / 116.84cm 39.37”/ 100cm 6.63” / 16.84cm
Hips 54” / 137.16cm 50” /127cm 4” / 10.16cm
Thighs 31” / 78.74cm 25.5” /65cm 5.5” / 13.74cm
Chest 45”/ 114.3cm 44”/ 111.76cm 1”/ 2.54cm
Arms 17”/43.18cm 16”/ 40.64cm 1” / 2.54cm

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